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With our new fabrication division (formerly Can-Bec Metal), we can offer an extensive variety of services such as non destructive testing, stress relief, rubber lining and «Babbitt», heat treatment, special painting, etc.

We can proceed to the assembly of the most complex components and deliver a high quality finished good to you, ready for installation.

For the past 20 years, we gained important expertise in complex mechanical manufacturing and the precision of assembly, in respect of the required tolerances, and Turnkey projects delivered on site of installation.

Machined Materials:
- Steel (all kind)
- Stainless steel (all kind)
- Aluminium (all kind)
- Plastic
- Titanium
- Alloy (all kind)...

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Mining equipment
Pulp and paper equipment
Hydro-electric equipment
Forestry equipment
Aerospace fixture
General machining
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